Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Secret History of the Planet Earth

I don't usually post unless we have a new video, but this seems to merit mentioning. There is something weird about TV tonight. Of course, tonight is the annual airing of the 10 Commandments on ABC, so I checked to see what else is on.

First round through the stations; they are mostly movies. E! is airing The Big Lebowski. Family Channel has The Sound of Music. Sci-Fi is showing Pterodactyl with Coolio. Mean Girls is on TBS. Lifetime has Real Women have Curves. Castaway is on TNT.

None of those are terribly significant on their own. It's when it all hits at once that I begin to wonder. I continue my search. Pacers are playing Boston. Bam Margera is getting married on MTV. Animal Planet is going on some prehistoric safari with modern men looking for CG woolly mammoths. Discover Channel, no it can't be, a biography of the iceberg that sank the titanic. Where it came from, why it did what it did, all that.

WAIT! What's this? That's impossible. The History Channel, in all its infinite wisdom, is airing The Planet of the Apes. I'll give you a second to contain yourself. The History Channel, a bastion of historical accuracy, bent on pulling every bit of awesome out of WWII, is presenting The Planet of the Apes. Here's how I see it. Since ABC has Charlton Heston in The 10 Commandments, History thought they should fight fire with fire. Heston vs Heston in a battle for the ages.

I can't pretend to tell you what all this really means. I see it as an omen, a sign of something larger than you, larger than me. Only Heston knows the truth. An anomaly in time/space has placed us in a world were apes have taken over and only the History Channel knows that it was earth all along.

It's a Mad House!


Anonymous said...

well i think you sure have an interesting theory there though nothing on t.v. would purposely give information to the "masses" so to speak without it knowing so......but there is information that is in front of us that we can the bible in Genesis it say god made the earth in seven is the distorted view and the truth mixed in one, back then since man didn't have days yet days meant an entirely different amount of time and if you take a word out of the passage or a word in the column it translates into gods, so it would say the gods made the earth in seven days....coincidence? highly for though

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