Thursday, June 12, 2008

End of Season 4

I'll let you in on a secret. I, the keeper of the blog, am not a member of Random Acts anymore. That said, I'm in both of these sketches

E! True Hollywood Story: Crazy Weezy - Random Acts Blooper Reel Spring 2008

Every time I think I'm out they keep pulling me back in.

With our founders, Adam Rickabus and Matt O'Neal graduated and heading to LA to find gold you might be thinking that RA will fold. You would be very pessimistic and quite incorrect. I am proud to inform you that cast members, Adam Bonner and Bryce Gergely, will be taking over as co-producers in the fall.

Hey check out this sweet promo that O'Neal put together before we left to go be awesome.

Also, for you Random Action Fans. The final episode was released to great fanfare at the end of the semester. This is the biggest production we've ever done and we sure hope you enjoy it.

Random Action Episode 5 from Ewzzy on Vimeo.
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If you just haven't had enough Random Acts we can give you one last thing.


Sorry that kind of ends abruptly. It was a class project that Ricka and I did. I guess it'll never be finished.

That's it for the summer. See you all in the fall for more intermittent posts on the world of Random Acts.

Crazy Weezy
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